Enneagram Descriptions 1-3 Easily Understood!

We are all in relationship with someone—friend, spouse, parents, children, co-worker, neighbor, even your grocery cashier—and each relationship feels different because each person is different (whether we like it or not 😊).

It is easy to see someone who is different than you and start to dismiss them, however there is so much power and health in noticing differences in each other and embracing or understanding them. The Enneagram is an incredible way of noticing the lens we look at life through and shining a light on how others look through life as well.   In this episode, Beth McCord, Enneagram expert, speaker, teacher and coach breaks down the first three Enneagram types in an easy-to-understand way.

Tune in because we guarantee you will begin to look at yourself and/or others in a new and much more accepting way.


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Sooooo we had a brilliant idea to invite Beth McCord to sit with the three of us for the ending of the podcast episode. What we thought would be a quick 15-minute chat turned into a 30+ minute live Enneagram coaching session. It was amazing (because Beth is amazing!)!

If you like to listen in on people’s personal conversations, this bonus episode is for you! Beth starts to coach Mariam and discovers that she was mis-typed! For those of you who can’t decide if your Enneagram number is a 2 or a 9, tune on in as Beth pulls back the veil of what it is like to be a type 2 and a type 9.