Enneagram Descriptions 7-9 Easily Understood!

Please enjoy the last part of the Enneagram series! So far you have learned 2/3 of the Enneagram and now we have Enneagram expert, Beth McCord back to finish out the descriptions of type 7, 8 and 9. The names for those types are the

Entertaining Optimist,

Protective Challenger and

Peaceful Mediator, respectively.

We hope you have enjoyed the series as much as we have and stay tuned for the special bonus episode where Beth coaches the inRelationship team on how to work with Lindsey, who is a type 8 (protective challenger).

We would love to know how this series better helped you relate to yourself and others!

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Our last bonus episode with Beth McCord!!!

This special bonus episode highlights what it is like to be an Enneagram type 8, the Protective Challenger.  Beth McCord helps inRelationship host, Lindsey Castleman, express what it is like inside the world of a Protective Challenger…….and if you know type 8s, that is a vulnerable thing to do. And vulnerability can feel really scary.

Usually type 8s can come across as intimidating, but there is so much more below that exterior. Listen in on this conversation and let us know your thoughts at inrelationship.us!